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We specialize in the world's finest automobiles. Performing maintenance, repair, diagnostics, and modifications with a specialized touch. Our high attention to detail allows us to be your go to for all your automotive passions. We are located in Southern Sonoma County, in beautiful Petaluma. Just a short drive from San Francisco.

Guaranteed Repair

As you scroll through our website it will be obvious that we repair and maintain a wide range of vehicles. It can be a difficult task, as every European auto is different and has it’s own personality. We respect each car for what it is and take that uniqueness in consideration for every auto repair. We take the time to double check and verify a diagnosis before giving you a quote. After the car is completed we verify the repair so that we can be as sure as possible that you will not have the same issue again.

To back that up we offer a 24 month or 24,000 mile (which ever comes first) guarantee on our parts and labor. We put in the extra effort to keep your car reliable. If we see a small repair that we know we can do in a few minutes we often just do it for no charge. If we see a wire or hose out of place we put it back into it’s proper location, even if we are not working in that area. It is these little actions that keeps our customers satisfied with reliable cars and is what makes Bare European the first call for your car.

Also Servicing Classic to Modern

BMW, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, McLaren, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lotus

Client Testimonials



BMW Auto Repair

Trust that your Ultimate Driving Machine is in the right hands when you take it to Bare European in Petaluma, CA. Bare European is the premier Petaluma BMW auto repair shop. Staying on top of all repair, service and your maintenance upkeep schedule by having a BMW inspection by a certified technician will actually save you time and money in the long run. Your vehicle will last longer, and increased general maintenance will prevent a catastrophic problem down the road.


Audi Auto Repair

In order to keep an Audi in the absolute best condition, routine and factory-scheduled maintenance services have to be performed. And you don’t want just any mechanic working on your Audi, what you need is an experienced and trained professional who understands the ins and outs of your vehicle! That’s where the Audi specialists at Bare European in Petaluma, CA come in.


Luxury Sportscar Auto Repair

When you need a luxury sportscar auto repair specialist, bring your vehicle to Bare European in Petaluma, CA. Our highly skilled technicians provide a wide range of maintenance and repair services, including engine repair and brake work. Contact us today for our luxury sportscar auto repair service. It only takes about an hour to perform a diagnostic check to understand what the problem with your car’s engine is. Once the issue is determined, you can count on us.

Mini repair petaluma

Mini Auto Repair

I love seeing the loyalty of Mini owners. I hardly ever hear complaints about Mini’s. Seeing someone truly care about their care and want to keep it in the best condition and as a Mini mechanic it puts a smile on my face because I love them too. We put a lot of effort and thought into ever Mini repair we make because we know this is more than just a car. Mini’s have a way of becoming part of your family.

Volkswagon repair petaluma

Volkswagen Auto Repair

VW’s are loved for so many reasons. They just keep going and going. Let the Volkswagen mechanic at Bare European be you go to technician to keep your VW cruising down the road. We take a lot of pride with our Volkswagen repair and offer a two year twenty four thousand mile guarantee on most of our repairs.

Landrover repair Petaluma

Land Rover Auto Repair

The Range Rover is the Alpha of the SUV market. As a Rover mechanic I can really appreciate the ability they have to keep the old tried and true platform but manage to seamlessly implement the latest technologies and comfort. Land Rover has been in business for a very long time and we a re proud to offer Rover service, repair and Maintenance on any year land rover. Whether it is new or old, gasoline or diesel, or even supercharged. The Rover mechanic at Bare European is ready to take care of your vehicle.

Mercedes Bens repair Petaluma

Mercedes Benz Auto Repair

Always delivering the latest in technology and performance. Mercedes Benz is a wonderful car to drive but often requires complicated repairs. Our Mercedes mechanic is constantly researching the innovations that keep Mercedes at the front. You can rely on Bare European for your best Mercedes Benz auto repair.


Jaguar Auto Repair

We are proud to offer service on a brand with such heritage. Jaguar sets the benchmark of a performance luxury car. Being a Jaguar mechanic requires respecting the esteem of this brand and making sure that the Jaguar auto repair is performed at the same level as when your car left the factory.

Lambo repair petaluma

Lamborghini Auto Repair

There are very few cars that evoke the passion that way that Lamborghini does. As a Lamborghini mechanic I have spent some time working and training with the dealer. It has given me valuable knowledge and experience. I doubt there is any car that demands attention the way that a Lambo does. After performing a repair it is required to take a test drive to verify that the repair is complete and the car is in order. I can say that at least two thirds of the time there is someone snapping a picture while you are driving down the road. Needless to say Lamborghini auto repair is a very rewarding task and experience counts with these cars.


Alfa Romeo Auto Repair

Alfa Romeo is making a comeback to the U.S. market. With that comeback we are seeing more of the older cars gaining attention again. Car values are going up and the need for professional maintenance and repair is becoming important for a service history. Let our Alfa romeo mechanic keep your little Italian sports car at its peak performance and value. Even the later Alfa’s like the 8C are always welcome at our repair center. They share many parts with Maserati and we are very familiar with them. Recently we purchased a project alfa, a clean 1994 164 Quadrifoglio that had broken its timing belt. We will be posting on our blog as progress happens with our shop project car.